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We are the exclusive certified partner of ZABBIX technologies in Lithuania. We deliver IT support services to our clients by using open source monitoring products offered by our partner. We attach particular importance to the quality of our services and therefore, we can be proud of the two certified ZABBIX professionals raised in our company.


ZABBIX provides software for open source network, servers, virtual machines and surveillance of cloud technologies. ZABBIX monitoring can be configured by using multiple XML patterns. With the software agent’s support, it is possible to monitor numerous operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix type OS). Assisted by SNMP, it is possible to monitor network devices or other equipment supporting SNMP protocol.

ZABBIX offers several system monitoring possibilities:

  • Standard services such as SMTP or HTTP, accessibility and response time monitoring without installing any additional software;
  • CPU, network load, disc space usage monitoring via ZABBIX agents installed in UNIC or Windows systems;
  • Monitoring via SNMP, TCP and ICMP or IPMI, JMX, SSH, Telnet and other parameters. ZABBIX supports various real-time messaging mechanisms including XMPP.

Benefits of ZABBIX network monitoring software:

  • High performance system for simultaneous monitoring and analysis of thousands of system components.
  • Automatic identification of servers and network equipment, finding of required interfaces.
  • Automatic connection of new monitoring elements, file systems, network interfaces.
  • Extended monitoring by centralized administrator.
  • Agent’s support integration with: Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, FreeBSD, OS X, Windows Server 20xx, Windows 10
  • SLA and ITIL KPI metrics and reports.
  • High-level business monitoring console monitors and desktops.

BAIP provides its customers will a full supply chain and equipment life cycle management from architecture design to equipment selection, delivery and installation. High-level monitoring of complex critical system allows detection of minor faults and deviations in different system components preventing possible incidents and ensuring quality continuous operation of the system.

  • We provide real-time monitoring of operation of all systems;
  • We analyse data and give recommendations on the improvement of system operation;
  • We take care of system updates;
  • We develop periodical IT system operation reports;

We deliver our services to the organisations from various industries:

  • retail trade organisations;
  • educational establishments;
  • banks and other FinTech organisations;
  • logistics companies;
  • governmental institutions etc.

For more information on our services and free advices please contact: Liudvikas Daubaras, BAIP SIKS Branch Manager, email:

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