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Printing solutions

CopyPrint – a modern printing, copying and scanning solution to institutions and companies.

With this modern service you will be able to:

  • upgrade your printing, copying and scanning equipment without additional investment;
  • reduce the amount of printed documents up to 30%;
  • cut your printing and copying costs;
  • ensure the confidentiality of documents;
  • analyze and accurately forecast the printing costs;
  • save your staff time due to faulty equipment or ordering of supplies.

Why is it possible with CopyPrint?

  • no need buy new equipment – you pay only for the actual number of prints per month;
  • transparent measurement of the number of prints of your department and staff;
  • identification of all corporate documents by user;
  • no worries about equipment maintenance and repair – the printing and copying facilities will be managed by our specialists;
  • not ordering of supplies, because we will automatically receive messages and deliver you the necessary supplies;
  • new installations are cost effective, they save electricity for your printing, copying and scanning needs.

We are implementing the CopyPrint solution by following these steps:

  • careful analysis of the customer’s situation;
  • we offer the optimization solution for copying and printing services, using the existing and/or new equipment;
  • we design the new printing, copying and scanning device infrastructure and tailor it for customer needs;
  • we order, deliver, connect and configure the harbour;
  • our service centre ensures problem-free functioning of equipment without downtime, quick troubleshooting and prompt delivery of supplies.