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Data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

Business continuity in IT is uninterruptable performance of an organization which is directly related to IT operation. Therefore proper operation of critical IT infrastructure and pursuance of business continuity plan means uninterruptable and smooth business activity.

In preparing business continuity plans, BAIP specialists perform analysis, name the risk and factors which may cause the downtime. High availability solutions are applied as a preventive measure, however in case of an incident disaster recovery plans are put into action. The latter are expected to recover the business faster, reduce risk of data and financial loss and ensure smooth business activity.

Backup and data archiving are means of confidential and important data protection from human mistakes, cyber-attacks and hardware failures. In order to avoid these problems, the following tools are used: data replication, snapshots, data migration to disks, tapes and tape libraries.

To implement these solutions, special software and dedicated peripheral devices are used which ensure planning, implementation and monitoring of archiving and copying processes. In order to achieve maximum data security redundant data centers are designed where backup and data archives are stored to be used in case of an incident and deliberate or unintended data destruction.

Backup, data archiving and redundant solutions design are only a few services BAIP offers to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery with the lowest risk possible.


Service delivery is based upon proprietary methodology – BAIP CIMF.  Our methodology is a result of tried-and-true practices, process knowledge from ITIL v.3, ISO. CIMF was specifically designed to provide IT infrastructure maintenance, development and availability services on a highly reliable and professional level.

.  BAIP CIMF defines service delivery to be carried out upon specified service level agreement (SLA).  SLA can be modified depending on timeframe required to restore system availability.  Timeframes can be client-defined, depending on maximum tolerable downtime, or standard ones, defined by Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania (reaction time – 15 minutes, 1, 8 or 16 hours, depending on criticality level of IT infrastructure in question).

Partner network
.  Our service delivery reliability is backed up by a large partner network, specializing in critical IT infrastructure maintenance services.  When assembling team to maintain client’s IT infrastructure, we chose from a pool of nearly 500 experts, ensuring availability of each team member exactly as defined in SLA.

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