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DELL EMC partnership

BAIP is a registered partner of DELL EMC in Latvia and Estonia and with the Dell EMC Platinum status in Lithuania. This is the highest level of partnership covering all critical IT infrastructure elements: competences of the network (BAIP are the only ones to have it in the Baltic countries), the server, data storage and data processing and analysis (BigData and analytics).

For customers, this partnership means:

  • Speed of delivery of pre-ordered hardware and better prices. BAIP are the suppliers of Tier1 DELL EMC equipment, i.e. buying it directly from the manufacturer, without intermediate distributors;
  • DELL EMC partnership is granted only upon achievement of the appropriate level of expertise, knowledge, and award of necessary certificates. This means that we not only know how to handle all Dell business (enterprise) products, are familiar with them very well, have good skills of properly selecting, maintaining, installing them, but also have the competence confirmed by certificates and the partnership level;
  • We have direct access to large database of technical documents, best practices, and drawings (blueprints). We also have access to the world’s best solution architectures, global level resources of their developing DELL EMC engineers, therefore, our solutions have already been tested in practice.