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Cloud engineering and virtualization

BAIP designs, implements and migrates private and hybrid clouds which are usually limited to the infrastructure of a single enterprise or organization. These clouds are often designed for both security and easier management and control opportunities.

Such architecture does not require third party support: IT unit of an organization becomes service supplier which by means of virtualization, distributed computing and other tools delivers IT services necessary to perform certain activities.

Private clouds provide with an opportunity to consolidate all the technological resources, to share them within separate and remote divisions of the organization and manage the whole IT infrastructure as a single unit.

IT infrastructure virtualization is an opportunity to maximally exploit the resources of hardware and reduce costs of an organization. Due to virtualization, only a few physical servers or workstations may serve as tens of servers or workstations the maintenance, management and configuration of which become easily controlled.

Virtualization allows consolidating current hardware, reducing energy consumption and space requirements. It ensures high availability of services, flexible resource allocation and centralized management of IT infrastructure.

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