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Critical IT infrastructure services

BAIP critical IT infrastructure maintenance is a framework of services, based upon proprietary methodology – BAIP CIMF.  It’s worth considering using our services if your organization relies on critical IT infrastructure and is constantly hard-pressed to maintain its high availability.  Typically this requires highly experienced IT staff and continuous upgrades of storage/backup solutions.  These are exactly the areas covered by our offer.

Our framework of services consists of two main parts – critical database infrastructure maintenance and IT infrastructure availability services:

  • Critical database infrastructure maintenance is a highly specialized service, designed for information management systems based on Oracle, MS SQL or other platforms.  This service ensures system availability during specified timeframe.
  • IT infrastructure availability service covers proactive monitoring of high-end servers, storage arrays and other IT infrastructure; preventive maintenance of IT equipment and equipment recovery from downtime during specified timeframe.

BAIP critical IT infrastructure maintenance services may be provided to entire of part of IT infrastructure, any combination of manufacturers and models (HP, IBM, Dell, NetApp, Cisco, Sun, Bull, etc.) and regardless manufacturer‘s warranty status.

Expected financial effect:

  • Reduced risk of operational downtime and related losses;
  • Streamlined IT infrastructure maintenance investments;
  • Increased productivity and availability of existing IT infrastructure;
  • Freed internal resources;
  • Reduced IT infrastructure upgrade costs;
  • Optimized licensing costs.

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